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Need help finding your dream home? Whether you are moving down the street or relocating, we have the local expertise and resources to help you find the perfect home or condo for you and your family. We work closely with our clients to understand your real estate needs and goals to help you find the best home at the best possible price.

Using a Buyer's Agent

A Buyer's agent is legally responsible for representing and advocating the interests of the buyer. In Real Estate transactions, the buyer's agent serves you by researching the real estate market to locate properties in the area which meets your needs. The Buyer's Agent will also negotiate and analyze the details of the Real Estate contract, coordinate a general inspection for the property which includes an inspection for termites, provide preliminary financial information about obtaining a home loan, and be available to you at any time through phone or email to ensure your home purchase flows smoothly.

Generally, the buyer's agent is compensated by the seller at the time you purchase a new home. Before you decide let Keyvan explain the advantages and disadvantages of using a buyer's agent.

Read on to learn about the advantages of using an Exclusive Buyer's Broker.

  • Only an Exclusive Buyer Agent (often called an Exclusive Buyer's Broker) can GUARANTEE to represent you in your Real Estate, Condo, or Home purchase.
  • Only an EBA can GUARANTEE to negotiate on your behalf.
  • An EBA provides the true facts as to value, market/neighborhood conditions, and obvious physical defects.
  • An EBA will insist that the buyer utilize a qualified home inspector who will treat the buyer as their client, and not as a customer.
  • Listing Agents (the ones with the sign in the front yard) and the company that they work for represent the SELLER, not the buyer. Their job is to get the SELLER the highest price on the best terms.
  • An EBA's job is to get the BUYER the lowest price on the best terms.
  • EBA's will do a better job for transferees than anyone else. They will give you the facts, good and bad. A listing agent cannot tell you about many things that would be detrimental for the BUYER because they work for the SELLER.
  • An EBA will help you with your financing alternatives. They may advise you to be pre-approved by a lender. Why? Because a fully approved loan makes you a cash buyer.
  • EBAs have a legal and ethical obligation to put your interests first!

A note about loyalty - Any Realtor or Broker may access information on properties currently for sale, but you'll get the Best Service Available if you select just ONE Realtor and stick with Him or Her. If you're currently working with another Realtor and you're happy with the job he or she is doing for you, I recommend you remain with them. On that same note, as long as you feel I am providing great service to you, please allow me to continue my job without asking another realtor for the same information. Fair enough? .... Now put me to Work and call Keyvan Kohan on his cell @727-204-5001 !

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